Themes and Depictions in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Description For this essay, you will be focusing on three themes that recur throughout the book and creating your own artwork to accompany those themes. That is, Junior says at the beginning of the text that because of his speech impediments, he felt that his art work spoke more clearly for him than did his lisping, stuttering words. Therefore, throughout the book, many drawings are given to represent what is happening in the narrative. In this paper you need to Choose 2-3 themes that run throughout the book (or are presented in several chapters) Describe several events in the book in which each theme is present. Describe how Arnold depicts the theme in his drawings. Then, create your own visual depiction of each of the 3 themes based on the events you describe. Explain how your picture/drawing relates to the theme/events. –The narrative part of the paper should be about 6-8 pages (approximately 2-3 pages per theme). However, no matter the number of pages, what is more important is the content portion of your paper. –The visual rendering– the drawings/pictures- of each theme should be 1 page, totaling 3 pages. These visuals can be created in a number of ways: If you are artistic, you can create your own drawings (they must be a different style than Junior’s) You can cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers to create your depiction. Which ever way you choose, I am looking to see that thought was put into the rendering – layering (different parts of the picture might come from different sources/ you depict 2-3 events on the page, etc. As well, the complexity of each theme must be represented visually. A simple cutting or selecting of one picture from one source as a theme’s representation will reduce your grade significantly. THEMES: Poverty Family Alcoholism Education Advantage/Disadvantage Friendship Abuse Depression Persistence Failure Creativity Wisdom Cultural expectations Racism Hopes and dreams Paper Format and Style: This is a formal academic paper. Therefore, you need to: –Include a thesis statement that presents the main idea for your paper/analysis. –Analyze the various ways in which the themes you choose are presented. In other words, compare and contrast them. –Provide specific examples as well as quotations to back the points that support your main. –Use MLA style for quotes in your paper, with the author’s last name and the page number in quotations after the quote. For example: Arnold responds to his sister’s death by looking for wisdom outside of his community, stating, “I needed books” (Alexie 171). Remember that a quotation cannot stand alone as its own sentence. A quote must be introduced by a lead-in phrase such as: Junior confesses, “I must be an egomaniac” (Alexie 182). –Avoid personal references (I, me, etc.) and write in academic style. Because the focus of this paper is the Alexie text, you should not include personal examples. Focus in the information and examples from the text. –Check your paper for errors in grammar and typos before handing it in. NOTE: Quotations should be limited to only those that are needed. They should make up no more than 10-15 per cent of the paper. This means that most quotes should be fairly short.

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