Theology of The Church

 Discuss the following: (1) what you consider to be a theology of the Church, (2) its implication for a biblical perspective on Christian ministry, (3) a personal strategy for implementing these truths in your life. As you are conducting research for your paper, listen carefully and thoroughly to Dr. Mills’ assigned teaching lecture below and take thorough notes. Your grade will reflect how well you integrated the principles and teachings in this lecture, with your assigned readings in the course, into your theology of ministry in this paper. “Lecture #022 Accumulating Oil (Part 6) Micah’s Ancient Path Of Humility & Walking With God” -You may find it at the following link: Last updated: 8/8/19 9 | Page -Or, you may go to the overall Teaching Library link: This link has a web player button to listen on your computer or phone, and it has App Store buttons for Apple & Google if you would like to download the app and listen to it on your phone from the app. -It is essential that you are listening to this lecture and studying for your research paper no later than week 6, in order to give yourself enough time to prepare your research for the paper. -As you listen to the lecture and prepare your theology of ministry in the paper, pay special attention to the emphasis on the heart of God communicated in Micah 6 regarding the necessity for humility, and how & why we do ministry. In God’s theology of ministry communicated by Micah in Micah chapter 6, what is important to God? What is not important to Him? How does this compare with the current prominent theology of how we do church in America? Consider how our philosophy of business success has influenced or morphed the biblical theology of ministry. How much of a need is there in the church to re-calibrate our theology of ministry according to the kingdom teachings of Jesus? What culture and value systems of the heart must we be cultivating in ourselves and others in order to enjoy and participate in ministry that is biblical and centered in Jesus’ teachings? How should Micah 6:8 affect and influence our theology and practice of ministry? -The following lecture is also recommended, but not required. “Lecture #021 Accumulating Oil (Part 5) Two Kinds Of Oil, Contrast Study, Prayer Of King Agur.” Regarding content & organization of the paper, a well-written paper will include all of the following: 1. Theology of the Church (based on the course texts): (1,000 words minimum)) ( The class is using “Biblical Theology for life,The mission of God’s People. A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission by Christopher J. H. Wright & Michael J. Gorman “Cruiformity :Paul’s Narrative of Spirituality of the Cross,2001 a. A discussion of biblical texts, in their contexts, and how they inform your understanding of a biblical theology of the Church. 2. Implications for Christian Ministry: (1,000 words minimum) a. A discussion of your conclusions in Part 1 and how they apply to Christian ministry in today’s world. b. A comparison/contrast between ministry characterized by loving and humble service (based on Cruciformity) on the one hand, and, on the other hand, ministry characterized by “self-actualization,” i.e., “being all that you can be.” The Book being used for this topic is Micheal J. Gorman “Cruciformity” Paul’s arrative Spirituality of the Cross,2001 3. Personal Strategy: (500 words minimum) a. In view of the foregoing, provide a detailed outline of what you will do to implement future ministry. Turabian formatting will be used (Footnotes-Bibliography style

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