Which theory helps you understand best how groups function: Field Theory, Social Exchange Theory, Learning Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, Systems Theory, Empowerment Theory, or Feminist Theory?

Discuss your rationale for selecting this theory and the concepts of the theory that make it seem most relevant to your understanding.
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The basic concepts of social exchange theory are things like benefit, being dependent on others, satisfaction, comparison, outcome, and financial gain. This theory believes that people are only generous when they will receive some type of personal benefit (Innovateus,nd.). Maybe I am a bit pessimistic; however, it seems that when you are dealing with a group setting, there are more people in the group that tend to be toward the social exchange theory. In today’s society, it appears that the majority of people that we come in contact with usually have an ulterior motive when it comes to helping others. Not all people, but most tend to have the attitude of “what can I get out of it,” or “How will it benefit me.” I think …

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