Theory/implementation paper

Instructions below as well please see attached Rubric and Initial Topic Paper. Theory/implementation paper To examine a model/framework developed for knowledge translation/implementation science and delineating how the process would be used to your DNP topic.Write a paper describing a model/framework/theory of knowledge translation (KT) that you will use to implement your DNP topic. Introduction: provide a succinct description of the issue and its significance. The topic must be realistic with the possibility of a practice change. Your final sentence should clearly identify the practice change you propose.o Background: Identify the practice change you would propose and the clinical/administrative setting where it would occur. Explain why this is the necessary change and support your ideas with evidence that supports the need for change.o Knowledge Translation Theory: Identify a KT theory that you would use to address the solution to your issue/controversy. Specify your rationale for choosing this particular theory. What are the specific steps involved in carrying out this theory?oKnowledge Translation Strategy: Detail how you would apply the KT theory you identified. Describe the strategy that you would use to implement the particular change you identified and how you would address each of the steps.

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