Describe the dynamics of the Lowndes family from the attached case study using the understanding of family pathology offered by the therapy model.

Identify three techniques that you might use in counseling the Lowndes family based on the approach of this particular therapy model. Explain why you would use each technique and what you would hope to achieve through doing so.

Identify strengths and limitations of this therapy model as applied to the Lowndes family case.

Compare the strengths and limitations of this therapy model and its application to that of the model you applied to the case © customnursingassignments Inc. March 22, 2019, 12:36 am ad1c9bdddf


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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using customnursingassignments. The solution below should get you started. To complete the task set (see above), I suggest using this simple outline:

1. Present a concise case of the Lowndes
2. The 3 techniques you think can be most useful
3. Strengths and limitations as it applies to the Lowndes

You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. For more details on the case, check the WK3CaseStudy.doc. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones

On the Lowndes Family

The Lowndes family is a typical nuclear family at first look. Tom and his wife Lisa have 2 sons, Steven 12, and Daniel 10. They are a challenge to new couples and family therapist Jan due to the complexity of the issues they face. First there is the relationship issue between Tom and Lisa. Tom has for years been buried with work to support his family while Lisa on the otherhand has fully focused in being a ‘homemaker’. Through the years, they have drifted. Lisa is accused of …

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