Trajectories of change in emotion regulation and social anxiety during cognitive-behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder (Critical Review) – 2014 ( Philippe R. Goldin, Ihno Lee, Michal Ziv, Hooria Jazaieri, Richard G. Heimber, James J. Gross. 

The article in the topic section has to be written by evaluating critically. You need to follow the instructions below. The year of the article is 2014. And the writer of the article are Philippe R. Goldin, Ihno Lee, Michal Ziv, Hooria Jazaieri, Richard G. Heimber, James J. Gross. You can find the article on Elsevier. The total number of the words has to be 1900. A detailed review of relatively recent research paper, including an account of participants, methods, key findings etc. The paper should be critically evaluated, meaning that you should discuss both the limitiations and strengths of the papers themselves, and also how the compare to other studies. As part of this section you should describe the search process by which you identified these articles (before you start discussing them). This should include a list of the databases and the search terms that you used. This should be detailed enough to allow someone else to recreate your search if necessary. Critical review: – Overall, make sure you write in the past tense when discussing research studies. – The biggest parts are summaries of the paper, and the critical evaluations are very short. Of course we need information about the study, but this could be shorter and clearer. – Make sure that your explanation of the study is clear. What are they aiming to study/analyse? What have they measured? What did they find? Use the same words for the same measures throughout to make it clearer and more consistent. – I would recommend to make the critical review less descriptive and more critical. The critical evaluation could be more detailed and in depth. It is important that you show your own critical evaluation, not just an overview of the authors discussion points. And add details and explanations of why something is a limitation/strength of the study. – Please proofread carefully. English language use could improve. I cannot correct everything in this document, but I have added some corrections to give you an idea. – Make sure the references are all correct and using names, reported in APA style.

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