Translation analysis of the book.

 The task is to analyze the translation quality of the book, which was translated into English. This paper description also can be found in “task.doc” file in files section of this order. The analysis must be done on “Dog Town” by Luize Pastore. A scanned version of this book may be downloaded here: PDF file is an image file, while the EPUB file is the version that was run thru OCR software. I am currently paying for 2200 words. However, the paper may be longer (max. 15 pages), and I will pay for additional pages if needed. The paper must contain (order may be changed): ** Describe the aim of the book; ** Describe the goal of the author for writing such book; ** Describe author’s (possible) attitude towards this book (if any); ** Describe functions of the text in the book; ** Describe audience of the text of the book; ** Describe possible (in terms of creativity) freedom of translator. ** English version was published in the United Kingdom, describe English used in the text – is it British or American? Explain why you think so and give examples to support opinion; ** Can English reader feel origin culture in the book? ** Discuss strategies that the translator may have used; ** Mistakes in translated text (e.g., expressions that are not common to native English speaker, wrong metaphor usage, etc.) ** Grop problems found in the translated text; ** Discuss metaphors, cultural references, terms found in the book; ** · Occasionalism – rare or words/expressions coined by a translator; ** · Discuss wordplay used in the translated text; *** Evaluate the translation: ** The overall quality of translation; ** Translation as an independent text; ** Translator’s visibility in the text; ** Consider the future of the translation; ** Translation in the target culture; ** Was it worth translating? ** How does it interact with other literature and ideas of the target culture. ======== Prefered literature for sources/citations (but you’re not limited to it): * Newmark,P. 1988. A Textbook of Translation. Hemel Hempstead: Prentice Hall. ISNB 0139125930 * Zauberga, Ieva. 2004. Theoretical tools for profesional translators. Riga. ISNB 9984-643-57-3 * Schäffner, Christina (ed.) (1999)Translation and Norms. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. ISNB:Hbk 1-85359-371-1 * Munday, Jeremy (2001). Introducing Translation Studies. London: Routledge. ISNB 0-415-22926-X

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