Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry

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Assignment Week #4: Term Project Part 2 Abstract and Detailed Outline

Please follow the instructions below:

Add a draft abstract and more detailed outline of your research topic paper to the attached order that was previously approved.

Please note: No revisions were requested when I approved this order. Everything was perfect. Just add an abstract and elaborate more on the outline using the sources that have already been identified.

16.Title: Memorializing Your Life: Drafting an Obituary

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There are two components to this assignment:

1. Prepare your own obituary. In writing your obituary touch upon the following areas:

-Your age at the time of death.
-Your life circumstances (e.g. will you be in a nursing home?)
-Your surviving family (e.g. will you be alone or have family members?)
-Your contributions to your family, your community, your work.
-Changes that occurred over your life (e.g. will you still be committed to the causes you are now, same hobbies, etc?).
How you would like to be remembered.

2. Having written your obituary, write a reflection on your death. Include the following:

-What do you expect will be the circumstances of your death…will you die suddenly or as the result of a long illness?
-Will you be fearful of dying?
If given the opportunity to prolong life with treatment or die more quickly, which do you think you will chose?
Have you already, or will you be, prepared for death in any way, for example purchasing a burial plot or advance directives?
How might you prepare family/loved ones for your death, so they can move through the stages of grief?


Chumsky, S. (2014). Baby boomers drawn to green and eco-friendly funerals. New York Times.

Torgovnick May, K. (2013). Death is not the end: Fascinating funeral traditions from around the globe.

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