Trump 2020 Communications Strategy

you have just been hired as president Donald trumps newest communications advisor. It is your job to advise the president on media and communication strategies for the remainder of his term as well as to prepare a communications strategy for his reelection efforts in 2020. first develop a communication strategy for governing during the next few months that takes into account shorter and longer term goals for the white house. What policies should be a priority and on what messaging techniques should the president and others in the White House rely? In devising this strategy remember to consider how changing technology has continued to alter the way presidents attempt to govern and why an effective communication strategy is now so important for presidential success. second develop a media/ communication strategy for the 2020 presidential campaign, paying particular attention to the pre – nomination period and potential challenges within the primaries. Keep in mind that a candidates communication style plays a large role in developing a strategy to best highlight hir or her strengths on the campaign trail. also remember that the news media tend to focus most often on image, character and the horserace and not substantive issues during presidential campaigns. as a result there is also great emphasis on public opinion polls, fundraising, campaign spending exc. given this how will the president rely on campaign advertising, public events, free media such as interviews and social media usage? will his 2016 campaign strategy need to be altered as he is now the incumbent? third use the following sources: Richard M. Perloff, The Dynamics of Political Communication: Media and Politics in a Digital Age, 2nd ed. David A. Jones, U.S. Media and Elections in Flux Chuck Tyron, Political TV

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