Twelve Years a Slave

Using both the textbook (Chapter 8 has a detailed discussion about slavery) and Twelve Years a Slave, discuss fully the lives, work, and conditions of slavery in antebellum Louisiana. You must include working and living conditions, the slave trade, religious values of both enslaved Africans and the white masters, and methods of resistance. To get full credit, you need to include examples from the Solomon Northup book and the textbook to illustrate your points. The paper must be 4-6 pages, double spaced, 12 font, standard margins. Please understand that you’re writing an essay. I don’t want you to just answer the questions I’ve asked-put it together in essay form. It is REQUIRED that you include sigificant quotes from the Northup book and the textbook. When you are quoting directly from the book or using it as a source, you need to put the page numbers in parentheses at the end of the quote or sentence. Please do not use overly long quotes and only quote when it illustrates the point that argument you are making. Do not use quotes to complete a thought in a sentence. In addition, if you use a source to provide information that you don’t have in your head, you need to cite your source. So don’t just use citations on direct quotes. To write the paper, you can only use the Northup book and your textbook as sources. I do not want any online sources used for this paper or I will take off a significant number of points. Please also remember that, for all papers and Discussion Board posts, I want YOUR words. Plagiarism is not acceptable.


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