Two movers have to life a refrigerator onto a truck.

Two movers have to life a refrigerator onto a truck. One of the movers wants to lift the refrigerator vertically, but the other mover wants to roll it up a ramp by applying a force parallel to the ramp. Assume the height of the truck is 1.5 m, the length of the ramp is 5.0 m, and the weight of the refrigerator is 1200 N. Calculate the force and the total work required in each case. Which method is easier? Now, F=ma, and wouldn’t the weight of the fridge be the force required to move it? Then would the force required be the same in each situation?The vertical work is the same in each case. Figure that. You are neglecting friction on that. Friction is a factor, but so is aching backs from lifting. The force on the ramp is a classic mechanical wedge (mechanical advantage) problem. The force is less pushing it up the ramp, IGNORING friction.I still don’t understand how to find the forces. For the force that is on the ramp, do I find vertical force and horizontal force separately?

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