Understanding and Assessing Hardware: Evaluating Your System

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In this Assignment, you will create a pamphlet that explains how to purchase a computer.

To: Technology Advisor

From: Employee Relations Department

Re: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Bring your own device policies are becoming more and more popular in businesses worldwide. Please research BYOD and BYOT (bring your own technology) policies to familiarize yourself with this program. Any employee that wants to take advantage of this new program will be given up to $500 biennially (every other year) towards the purchase of a device that they can use for both business and personal use. To help our employees choose their computer, please prepare a pamphlet that we can distribute to interested employees. Your pamphlet should be user friendly, colorful, and easy to read and convey sufficient information to simplify the task of purchasing a computer. Your pamphlet can be as many pages as necessary and should be prepared on an 8.5 x 11 (regular size) page.


Prepare a pamphlet that explains how to purchase a computer.

Please include the following in your pamphlet:

  1. What types of mobile devices are available
  2. Processors (CPUs): Define and explain what they do
    1. AMD vs. Intel
    2. Cores
    3. Threads
    4. Clock speed
    5. Cache
  3. RAM: Define and explain what it does
    1. Type
    2. Determining how much is needed
  4. Hard drives: Define and explain what they do
    1. Mechanical
    2. Solid state
  5. Optical drives: Define and explain what they do
    1. Internal vs. external
    2. CD, DVD, Blu-ray
  6. Video and audio card
  7. Maintaining your system

When answering these questions, please write 3 to 4 sentences on each topic. Remember to explain how the employee can use this information to help them determine what computer is right for them. Give examples where appropriate. Use a minimum of 2 sources other than your book. Remember to cite your sources.

add citations and APA refrences

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