Understanding of the Mercy core values.

Reflection of how reading the sources impacted and improved understanding of the Mercy core values. How it helps us be better persons/human beings. Mercy Core Values : Respect: We reverence the dignity of all persons and all life as gifts of God and strive to promote community in our world. Integrity: We believe that fidelity to moral principles, honesty, and sincerity are the basis of trustworthiness in all encounters. Justice: We believe ordering of right relationships with all persons and all creation is fundamental to our advocacy for structures that protect the vulnerable. Compassion: We embrace the joys and sorrows of others to whom and with whom we minister and are moved to action in solidarity with the human community. Service: We joyfully extend our energy and resources on behalf of the poor, sick and uneducated, working to relieve misery and address its causes where possible. Claim and Focus: Paper fits the parameters of the assignment. It includes a thesis statement /claim that gives focus to the entire essay, reflecting the originality and thoughtfulness of the writer’s main idea about the Mercy Core Values and their application to a critical concern under consideration and its possible solution. This thesis presents a sound direction for the entire essay and reflects a clear understanding of the assignment. The writer goes beyond common or obvious observations. All of the paper’s main points relate back clearly to the thesis. Development: Critical Thinking / Analysis: The paper reflects how an understanding of the Mercy Core Values has evolved through readings and service learning, as well as the application of these Mercy Core Values to a critical concern. The paper offers an accurate discussion and understanding of 7 sources (3 from the course, 4 from research conducted for the project). The paper supports its main ideas with relevant, quality quotes from course readings and research sources to provide readers with important information; it offers clear, full interpretations of those quotes and explains how they support the larger thesis. The paper meets the page requirement without evidence of repetition and/or textual summary. Organization and Clarity: The essay covers the three primary components of the final project: Reflection, Research / Application, and Personal Synthesis. It includes a compelling and effective introductory paragraph. It also follows a logical paragraph arrangement and includes effective paragraph transitions. The essay includes a clear and compelling concluding paragraph that reinforces the thesis and goes a little beyond it to leave the reader with something to think about. In addition to having a logical overall organization, the paper demonstrates clarity and coherence at the paragraph and sentence levels. Mechanics and Style: The essay is engagingly written and demonstrates fluency in style (subordination, consistent use of the present tense, active voice, variation of sentence lengths and structure, interesting and appropriate vocabulary, inclusion of action verbs, etc.). It effectively integrates quotations into the flow of the essay. The paper is free of mechanical errors (grammar/word usage/punctuation, etc.).

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