Understanding of the problem-solving process.



Details regarding assessments for this module:


4000 word Essay Exploring a Practice Situation.


 This assignment gives the students the opportunity to exhibit their ability to develop their understanding of the problem-solving process. Students will refer to specific aspects of the audio-visual presentation of the practice situation provided; identifying relevant stages of the process and offering theoretically based explanations for the behaviours observed.


This promotes application of behavioural sciences’ knowledge in explaining practices the students are likely to encounter in their placements. In addition, it begins the use of a problem-solving framework to guide their future thinking as professional problem-solvers/care prescribers/decision makers/researchers.


Finally, the reflective element of the assessment encourages students to reflect on their experiences of practice and to use their growing body of knowledge as explanations of what they are experiencing; a skill that all nurses must demonstrate as part of their ongoing professional development (NMC, 2016). Using an essay format is regarded as being appropriate as it provides the student with a transitionary platform to exercise their soon to be required, Level 5 writing skills and receive feedback intended to prepare them fully for this.






4000 word Essay Exploring a Practice Situation, which shows evidence of:


Observing the audio-visual presentation of the practice experience



Identifying and discussing the problem solving process used by the people within the experience.



Selecting relevant behaviours/practices within the experience, identifying important points and main features and examining these using the material covered in the programme to date.



Offering explanations that can be used to understand behaviours and practices displayed during the experience



Selecting elements of personal and professional development that have occurred as a result of reflecting on your exploration and evaluation of the experience.



Discussing your personal and professional development using your knowledge base to support your exploration.



Formulating a personal action plan to help you identify areas of personal and professional development that will enhance your future practice.



Offering a rationale of how your action plan will enhance your future practice and how you will evaluate your progress



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