Unfairly punishes any journalist who makes an honest error in reporting

 The Argument to Persuade will invite consideration of the role of the character of the writer, the potential emotional engagement of an intended audience, and the use of rhetorical style and artistry tourge actionconcerning a problem today popularly referred to as“fake news.” The essay will introduce theproblemandoffer relevantbackground informationon the issue,presentingone or twoproposed solutionsbased upon a compilation of credible online sources. Acase study—an extended example thatillustrates the problem—will be included.The Argument to Persuade, like all essays written for this class, will beresearch-basedand written inthe more objectivethird-person. (i.e., avoiding pronouns such as “I,”“me,”“we,”“us,”“our,”“you”).The Argument to Persuade will require that the writer: •JUSTIFY the proposal with findings of experts on the subject •IDENTIFY ANY COMMON GROUND with opponents of the suggested proposal •SUMMARIZE AND REFUTE a relevant OPPOSING VIEWPOINT •CONCLUDE with remarks that INSPIRE THE AUDIENCE TO ACT

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