Using Guthrie’s theory of learning to get rid of a bad habit

Prompt: Guthrie’s theory of learning includes several applications for real life learning problems, including three methods of getting rid of bad habits (the fatigue, incompatible response and the threshold methods). For this writing assignment (, students will utilize their knowledge of Guthrie’s methods to generate a plan for getting rid of one of their own bad habits. To earn full credit on this assignment ( students should: • Define what a habit is using Guthrie’s terminology. • Identify what your particular bad habit is that you would like to break. • Explain how the number of cues are related to the strength of a habit. • List the cues (both external and internal) that are associated with your bad habit. • Explain how each of Guthrie’s three method of breaking bad habits work. • Generate a plan for using each of Guthrie’s three methods to break your bad habit. • Define sidetracking, explain how it could be used to reduce your bad habit and hypothesize why sidetracking isn’t the best option for dealing with bad habits in general and your bad habit in particular. Formatting • 12 point Times New Roman Font

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