1. Using your knowledge from what you have learned in the past 4 weeks, analyze and provide an example of four (4) basic terms that are associated with measurement and evaluation. 
  2. You have learned that measurement and performance chain play a significant role in human performance technology. Using your workplace or a company from your assignments, prove how measurement and performance chain can be applied to help improve organizational success.
  3. You have learned that training impacts business performance in a positive and negative way. Summarize how business performance can be impacted in both a positive and negative way and provide an example of how the negative can be transformed into a positive leading to organizational success.
  4. Ethics play a role in performance management. Distinguish the role ethics play and provide a real-world example of an organization that was impacted by the ethics of their employees in either a positive or negative manner.
  5. Using what you have learned over the past 4 weeks, analyze the guidelines, process, and decisions that are critical to testing. Provide an example of how these concepts pertain to your workplace.

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