Virtual Team Technology

 Apply evidence-based decision-making skills and best practices. Assignment Requirements: •This Assignment will require research. Each of the four main parts of this Assignment will need at least one appropriate source. Properly cite data and ideas using APA in-text citations in the body, and full APA reference entries at the end of the paper. •Paraphrase most information for this Assignment. Any quotes included must be properly cited according to APA rules. Also, all quotes used must be subsequently explained in your own words so that you prove an understanding of the material. No more than 10% of your paper may consist of quotes. •To organize your paper, provide a SUBHEADING for each of the four main sections. Write these subheadings in your own words; do not copy the wording or instructions. •Ensure that your answers explain every subtopic listed. Minimum length requirements are as follows: • Part 1: 250 words • Part 2: 250 words • Part 3: 200 words • Part 4: 250 words •Format your Word document as an APA paper, using Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1″ margins, double spacing, and following all other APA rules. Include a cover page and reference page(s). A table of contents and abstract are not necessary. No spelling errors. No grammar errors. No APA errors. Scenario Please read the document in its entirety as it is needed for this Assignment. You will continue to work on the project for your boss, the CIO. It is time to work on researching and standardizing the types of equipment and tools/software for virtual employees and people in your department. Here are some assumptions you can make about virtual workers: a. Everyone works from home. b. Everyone has a high-speed Internet connection where the company provides a stipend to cover the costs. c. The company will provide a laptop and a smartphone (unlimited minutes, texting, and data). d. The company will provide all the software. Instructions: A. Recommended Hardware/Software for Virtual Employees Conduct research on laptops and smartphones (including cellular carriers) for employees to use. You will also need to determine what operating systems are to be used on laptops and smartphones. Provide a comparison of your findings. Also, provide your recommendations and why you feel they are the best fit for the company. Next, research hardware and application software for employees to use for team communication and collaboration. Each employee will need: • Email, calendar, and contacts • Teleconferencing software • Group collaboration software • Project management software • Repository for documents Make sure you check the minimum system requirements as the hardware and software you selected must be compatible. Also, the software must be consistent for both computing devices (laptop and smartphone). Finally, securing corporate data is a concern, so you will need to determine how corporate data will be secured at rest on the laptop and smartphone, in the repository, and in motion to the best of your ability. As you conduct your research, consider both “on premise” (all necessary hardware and software are on the company’s premises) and cloud infrastructures. Do not forget costs to include warranties and support. You do not need to account for labor costs. You will need to justify all hardware and software recommendations to your boss. Ensure that what you picked can do the job (virtual team tools) and is supported by the vendor. Consider reading various industry reports from Gartner, Forrester, etc. as you conduct your research. B. Hardware/Software for Your Department Your department will handle getting new employees set up, doing what is necessary when employees leave the company, supporting existing employees (usability and technical issues), and making sure software/systems are up to date. Knowing that your department will need to support virtual employees, what hardware/software resources does your team need? In other words, you need to find ways to help end users (employees) with usability and technical problems. As examples, what if a smartphone has an issue with email or a laptop will not boot-up? Finally, your team will have to provide all of the setup and configuration documentation for employees.

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