War on terrorism

These topics are not to be simply recounted (told), but instead assessed—are they truly significant, do they have a positive or negative effect on American politics (and why), etc. Remember when writing an essay or paper to use the following format: 1) Introduction—in which you state your argument or thesis, 2) main body, in which you support your argument with evidence, and also further develop it 3) Conclusion, in which you restate (and rephrase) your argument on the basis of your evidence A certain length isn’t of paramount importance—you can make your case concisely or go into a fair amount of detail, as long as you make a good argument and do a good job of supporting it. Use clear, direct language, especially when stating your thesis. As for the material you base your paper on–stick to written sources, whether primary or secondary—there’s a lot of information on the internet, but a lot of it is suspect, so your best bet is probably using the Web to point to the written sources you’ll need. Be sure to cite your sources, using footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography; APA and MLA citations are fine, but students are encouraged to try to follow the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

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