Water Births Vs. Traditional Vaginal Births

 There are many legal and ethical issues and controversies in caring for the Childbearing Family. This assignment provides the student with the opportunity to examine these matters. Students will identify aspects of an assigned issue, judge the quality of the evidence, and analyze the information and form conclusions via the process of debate. Debate involves the rational examination of ideas based on logic rather than emotion. The students will construct logical arguments and present a role defense of their proposition. Debate will include a power point presentation containing information about the issue, arguments for and against the issue, ethical principles utilized and references. All topics must be approved by faculty. Criteria for Development: o Analyze reasoned arguments for and against assigned issue. o Collect evidence to support particular stand for or against issue o Construct a case, organizing the speech in a clear, logical manner. o Provide information about ethical principle the argument supports (both for and opposed) o Plan refutation/rebuttal. o Debate: Ten minutes per side of the issue with extra time for rebuttal as determined by moderator with faculty guidance. o Evaluation of outcome. Criteria for Grading: Points o Inclusion of appropriate background information describing the history 25 of the issue and major objectives for and against. o Clear, concise, objective presentation for and against chosen issue 25 with evidence supporting position Include final conclusions o Discussion of ethical principles appropriate for debate 25 o Electronic presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) with additional reference list in APA style 20 o Group participation (evaluated by peer review) Articles within last 3 years These are the questions that needs to answered within the slides What are the pros of having a water birth vs traditional birth What are the cons of having a water birth vs traditional birth Comparing pros and cons and background info on water birth vs traditional birth

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