Wellness Education Program Proposal SAMPLE ESSAY Wellness refers to a process of becoming aware and making suitable choices to a fulfilling and healthy life. It can be considered a dynamic process of growth and change (Kozier, 2008).  This wellness education program is focused on preventing various diseases and illnesses among elderly population. It attempts to create awareness among the elderly population regarding the importance of healthy living and prevention of diseases. This wellness education program is focused on providing education regarding health and wellness to the elderly population of Rochester, New York.

1. Cultural Considerations

Cultural considerations are significant to the efficiency of a counseling approach. In this context, culture refers to distinguishing individuals on the basis of gender, age, language and sexual orientation (Srivastava, 2007). Elder population is vulnerable to various types of diseases and illnesses due to the age factor. It is important to create awareness regarding substance abuse and a healthy lifesty………………….ases and necessitates fast treatment. 

2. Integration CAM, traditional Medicine, Spirituality and Holistic Health into the Wellness Education Plan


This medicinal technique attempts to positively impact the plan of wellness by recommending the curative products (medical) that require being taken with the use of standard m……………..…… is effective and safe for the elderly population. 

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine can be described as the sum of the skills, practices, and knowledge based on the beliefs, theories and the experiences indigenous to various types of cultures, utilized in health maintenance and in the diagnosis, treatment or improvement of mental and physical illness (Barnes et al., 2007). Integrating traditional medicine into the action plan of wellness education program can be considered beneficial as it aims to promote traditional practices of medicine for the wellness o community and family

Holistic Health

Holistic health technique can positively impact the wellness action plan by creating a positive impact on the overall environment and health of the elder patient. Therefore, integration of holistic health at different levels attempts to embrace the connection between mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. The focus of care treatment in the holistic approach includes exercise, diet, behavior and attitude modification, spiritual counseling and environmental measures (Rigby, Hill, Koch & Keeling, 2011). 


Spirituality possesses the capability to positively influence wellness action plan as it attempts to answer three general questions, including, where a person wants to be? W……..………….hose needs (Rigby et al., 2011). 

3. Linguistic Considerations

Srivastava (2007) identified that barriers related to barriers related to cultural beliefs and language cannot be ignored if an institution attempts to provide quality health services to the patients belonging to diverse cultural groups. In the United States, th………..ess education program: 


Miscommunication is one of the most evident errors in medical that can endanger the life of a patient. For providing education to elderly population regarding wellness, it is important to use a language that can be understood by a layman. 

Language Barriers

The language barrier is a critical component that can also have a negative influence on the health of th……………………….perly to the people of United States. 

4. Strategies and Marketing of the Wellness Education Plan

It is significant to devise certain strategies and techniques that focus on education the elderly population regarding disease prevention and health promotion. Discussed below are some of the techniques that can be incorporated into the wellness education program (Blais, 2015): 

4.1 Strategies

Health Promotion

Campaign: Initiating a campaign regarding discouragement of the use of alcohol, tobacco, cigarette and other harmful products can be influential in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for the elder population. Further, incentives and rewards can be provided to the individuals taking part in this program.

Dietary and Nutritional Interventions: The plan of the wellness education can include a list of dietary p…….….………..etterment of health. 

Sexual Health: This involves promoting a state of mental, social and physical well-being regarding sexuality. Education regarding safe sexual experience is important to incorporate into the wellness education program. 

Disease Prevention

Vaccination: The elder population can be guided by the importance of vaccination in order to prevent various diseases and illnesses. 

Behavioral and Health risks: The wellness education plan must include the provision of knowledge regarding behavioral and health risks, along with effective care techniques to the elderly. 

Early Disease detection: Early disease detection is a crucial element that can be influential in the prevention of a major illness or disease. 

4.2 Marketing of the Education Plan

There are significant techniques that can be implemented to market the wellness education plan. Following are some of the factors that must be considered: 

Market Segmentation: The specific targeted audience for this education plan would be an elderly p…………………..

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