This paper is an 8-10 page analysis of a contemporary social movement. In it you should explain to the reader what you believe the most effective strategy (or strategies) to be for achieving all or some of the movement’s goals. (If you are writing about a movement you wish to see fail, you can either analyze strategies the government or opposition groups can pursue to thwart the movement, or play devil’s advocate and analyze strategies for movement success.) Each paper should have an introduction of roughly 1/3-1/2 page that briefly summarizes what course of action you are recommending and why – including theories your argument is based on. It should then lay out the situation: explain what you understand of the movement’s composition, goals, main targets, and opposition. (by main targets I mean, in order to achieve the movement’s goals, who needs to act or change? The federal government? A particular politician? The media? The Catholic Church? etc.) This should be at least a page, maybe two. But in order to convincingly suggest strategies to meet goals, you need to explain what the goals are that you’re hoping to help the movement achieve. Next, go through each theory that you are applying to the movement’s situation. Explain the theory as it applies to your movement. Providing evidence about the movement’s situation, explain how the theory supports your suggested strategy. You should use 3-4 theories; each should take about 2 pages, depending on the complexity of the theory. These sections should consider counter-arguments and possible drawbacks to the strategy. Be sure to also consider the possible reactions of the opposition and the government, and the way the theories might also apply to them. You should conclude by summing up your argument and making any last remarks about the interactions between the theories. For most of you this will be roughly 1/2 page, but it could be longer if there are interesting interactions that need to be spelled out or explained more. These papers should be thoroughly sourced, with parenthetical citations to both theory texts from class and evidence (which may come from newspaper articles, organization websites, or scholarly articles from class or your own research). I expect at least four citations per page. Use page numbers in citations wherever possible and appropriate. Please paraphrase wherever possible and use quotations only sparingly. Each paper should have a works cited page (not included in the 8-10 page count) that lists a full bibliographic entry for each text you cite, including newspaper articles and websites. Please alphabetize and use a consistent style. I expect at least 3 theory sources from class and at least 5 sources from outside of class that are specific to your movement. The rubric used will be Focus on providing a clear thesis (in this case, your strategy recommendation) in the first paragraph, clear and logical organization, and clear explanations of theory linked to concrete, specific evidence from your movement. Please proofread before turning your paper in.


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