What are some key indicators of terrorist activity?

Security Threat Matrix Questions – Chapter 11


Other than loss of life, the purpose of a terrorist attack is to significantly harm their target in what way?


What is the purpose of the State and Local Antiterrorism Training (SLATT)?
Why has the TSA never stopped a terrorist plot? What is their purpose or place in this process?


What kind of activities can be linked to terrorist groups, both domestic and international?


What are some key indicators of terrorist activity?


In regards to cargo theft, what is “leakage?”


In regards to aviation security, what is the most popular weapon of terror that remains an active current threat?


Where would a least-risk bomb location (LRBL) be located?


What are three different types of airport attacks that are considered real threats today?


What does CBRN stand for?


What is the threat of a GA airplane being used for terrorist activities?

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