What are the major forces influencing demand for this product/service?

What is the organizational structure?
Describe the leadership style(s).
Describe the HR practices of the organization: recruitment, training, compensation practices, etc.
How has the leadership, culture, and decision-making style affected the organization’s ability to reach its goals?
How does the organization make sure that it is hiring the right people, providing the right training, compensating them appropriately, and providing advancement opportunities to ensure that the needs of the organization are served?

Product or Service?
If product: Product, Price, Place, Promotion (Consider whether consumer/industrial goods, durability of product,…)
At what stage of the product life cycle is this market? Are we dealing with a new product category or a mature and well-established one?
If service: what is the process of delivery? What are the qualifications of the service staff (in direct contact with customers)?
How large is the market for the product/service? Is it growing or shrinking?
What are the major forces influencing demand for this product/service?
Is demand of product/service consistent over time? Does the demand fluctuate sharply or in response to temporal or cyclical factors?
Can the organization satisfy the demand in the market?
Who are the competitors serving this market and what are their market shares? How and why have these shares been changing over time?
Are customers loyal to your product/brand?
How is the market for this product/service segmented?
What are the demographic characteristics of customers and potential customers in this market? Consider customer’s willingness to pay.
Are there any major customer needs or wants which are not currently being satisfied?
Is it difficult for customers to switch from your product to competitor’s products?
How closely does the product/service match the need of the market?
How well do the activities of the organization drive demand?
How well do the activities of the organization ensure that the product/service is available to the customer at the moment and location of need?
How would you rate the after-sales service and/or warranty services of the organization?

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