What are the Perceptions of Early Childhood Educators on Children’s Risky Play?


This is the research proposal. There are various sections in this proposal. However, you will do only the following sections: 1) Introduction – Context of research (philosophical foundations) Which paradigm are you going to use? Which approach and research design? Which philosophical worldview/s? Are you answering via deductive (top-down)or inductive (bottom up)research? Describe the location where you will conduct this research (remember confidentiality!) In what context will you be conducting your research? In the centre? Playgroup? Family homes? etc Who will be the participants? How will you choose the participants? What sampling method will you employ? (opportunity, self-selected, snowball, etc.?) 2) Methodology – Data collection tools that will be used /Techniques that will be applied to ensure validity Outline the procedure for your research How will you conduct your research? Which approach, methods and design will you use? (go into further detail here unlike the intro where you are just mentioning). What are the challenges in using this design/approach/methods? How will you demonstrate: Validity and rigour? Threats to validity? Triangulation? Variables? Once you have collected the data, how will you analyse this? Tally system? Graphs? Tables? Pie charts? Narratives? How will you maintain anonymity? Will you assign a letter, colour or number to each respondent? What are you looking for, from your data? Have respondents responded similarly? Differently?

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