What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 3 selected students?

This assignment requires the collection of three writing samples from your own classroom. Students who are not currently working in classrooms may ask colleagues to share some students’ writing samples. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of children’s writing, bring to class three student samples from one writing assignment: a high, a medium, and a low. Along with the written analysis, submit a copy of the directions for the writing assignment, a copy of the scoring guide or rubric, and copies of the 3 student writing samples (please block student names). Write a 3-pages analysis of your students’ writing samples. Include a full description of what the quality of students’ work purport to show and the nature of the assignment (e.g., expository writing, or timed writing to a prompt)

Student Writing Sample Analysis.

Your Student Writing Sample Analysis does not have a cover page. Name/Title/Date should appear in the running head.

Begin by stating Purpose of the Writing Assignment, Demographics of the Students, and Methods Used (time allotted for assignment, type of rubric used, and/or any other prompts, assistance, or scaffold you have used for students to perform the writing assignment).

Include a critical analysis of students’ strengths and weaknesses, a reflection on the assignment itself and your teaching practices grounded in theory and philosophy. Describe where you stand in regard to important educational theories and practices relevant to curriculum design. Explain from your perspective what is the role of student; role of teacher (What kind of knowledge and skills do you believe is most important for students, and how should they gain that knowledge and those skills? What will be your role in that process?), and role of community. Discuss all implications, recommendations, and make a strong conclusion reiterating your philosophical/theoretical orientations. Your student writing sample analysis must have a conclusion that reflects your own approach to learning and instruction. It should be based on your personal beliefs that should show an influence of your readings and reflections.

Guiding questions (Do not copy the questions – answer them within text):

1) What writing goals are addressed by this writing assignment?

2) What were your specific instructional objectives for this writing assignment?

3) What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 3 selected students? Please provide evidence for all of your claims.

4) Were your objectives met? Provide evidence to support your claim.

5) How does what you have learned from these writing samples determine your next steps for instruction?

6) If you were to use these writing assignments again with these students, what alternative strategies might you use? Why?

7) Identify critical moments or choices during instruction that impacted the direction of the lessons. How might alternative strategies have impacted those choices?

Before writing your conclusion reflect on the following questions:

a) How could the curriculum be modified based on your findings to meet the needs of the diverse students in your classroom?

b) What are your beliefs about how students learn, achieve, accomplish, feel, etc.?

c) How could your beliefs affect curriculum design/implementation, teaching/learning?

d) How can you balance the needs of the individual learner based on the students’ writing samples you analyzed?

e) What are your goals for students after analyzing the writing samples? How can they best be met?

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