What can you do to ensure that the test is both reliable and valid?

True or False: A scale of poor-fair-good- excellent in a survey results in a nominal variable.



Question 12

Whether or not this test fairly assesses the reading and lecture content is an example of which kind of validity?

Criterion validity

Content validity

Construct validity

Question 13

he type of reliability that examines the percentage of agreement between multiple judges of a gymnastics event is:

Test- Retest reliability

Parallel items reliability

Interrater reliability

Internal consistency reliability

Question 14

How can a test be reliable but not valid? Why is a test not valid unless it is reliable? What can you do to ensure that the test is both reliable and valid?

Question 15

Describe how you would conduct an experimental design study for your class project. Identify the sample. Describe at least one indepedent, dependent, and control variable.

Question 16

_____________ refers to the ability of a study to inform us about persons, places, or events that were not directly studied.

Question 17

Why do young people in poor neighborhoods join gangs?” This is an example of what kind of research question?






Question 18

Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient is represented by the following letter:





Question 19

If the correlation between two variables was equal to 0, the scatterplot between these two variables would be represented as:

A horizontal line

A line sloping upwards

A line sloping downward

A vertical line

Question 20

This is used to summarize the correlations between a set of variables…


Correlation matrix


Scatterplot matrix

Question 21

The better your time management skills are, the more work you are able to do is an example of what type of correlation?

Continuous correlation

Biserial correlation

Positive correlation

Negative correlation

Question 22

Using the provided dataset, please compute measures of central tendency including the mean, median, mode, and range for shoe size and ear size. Please attach your SPSS output here, highlighting each of these components in your output.

Question 23

Using the same provided dataset, compute the correlation coefficient for ear size and shoe size. Please attach your SPSS output here.

Question 24

For the correlation coefficient for shoe size and ear size, please indicate the strength (strong, moderate, weak, etc.) and direction (positive, negative, no relationship) or the relationship between ear and shoe size.

Question 25

Please describe 1 change you would like to see in this class before the end of the term to make it worthwhile. (Examples from the evaluation include more group activities, more SPSS, more data interpretation, etc.)

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