What conditions must be applied in a lab for use and disposal of this pathogen?

Research on Plasmodium falciparum a pathogenic Level 2 agent.

Summary (1 Page) not including reference page: This requires to indicate the outline of thesis you plan to present in main essay, a brief background of the pathogen, why you chose these bacteria for the assignment and a list of at least (minimum) 4 references and should have primary (Journal Article), secondary (Review), book and internet. Use proper referencing techniques!

Main Essay 4 Pages not including pictures and Reference page (font: Times New Roman, Size: 11 or 12; 1.5 or double spaced). The subtopics for your assignment are listed below. You choose how much space you want to devote to each subtopic – different subtopic will have more information/interest in some areas and not in others.


What conditions define whether a bacteria is considered level 2 or not according to the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act (HPTA)?
What conditions must be applied in a lab for use and disposal of this pathogen?
Molecular mechanism of Infection (Include picture if possible) and level of virulence.
Type and symptoms of disease(s) caused by the pathogen (Include picture if you can)
Most common environments and reason for it abundance in that environment. (Hospital? Community? Geography?)
Description of Epidemics, pandemics
Spread and prevention
Treatments and their molecular mechanisms (Include picture if possible). How likely would you be infected while working on patients as a Health Care worker?
Incidence and mechanism of Resistance. Are there any strategies to overcome the resistant species?
Use as a model strain in the lab?
Other relevant information specific to your pathogen choice
Additional Notes:

Ensure that you use current references (Last 15 years) and that they are properly used.
Pictures are just for better understanding so even if you provide picture you need to describe the process. Can’t use picture as substitute for written material as they are optional not necessary to include.
Need to use same reference for Main essay that you provide for 1 page Summary can’t use different reference for both.
Reference Style: APA

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