What do the collocations tell us about the gender representation in the press discourse?

The portfolio consists of 1 task. The order of the task reflects the order of lectures and you should start on each task following the relevant lecture. Do not wait until the last minute. Each task should include examples of the outputs from your corpus searches, preferably in tables. This data does not count towards the specified word limit.

TASK 4: By using the press subcorpus of BNC or any press corpus of your choice, examine the 50 most frequent collocations of the personal pronouns SHE and HE as well as the possessives HIS and HER. What semantic preferences or prosodies can be detected in the corpus data? What do the collocations tell us about the gender representation in the press discourse? Summarise your results in max. 500 words)

NB Criteria 1-5 are more heavily weighted than 6-7.

Please note that

Assignments should be word processed, using Times New Roman 12pt.
Lines should be double or 1.5 spaced with the page number given on each page. Page numbers should be at the bottom of every page.
We expect to see AT LEAST SEVEN items on your reading list, excluding websites. You should make an attempt to refer to specific articles on the topic you have chosen and not just refer to general text books. Be selective of any websites you use. DO NOT use Wikipedia as a source of information as it can be unreliable.
Check your Part 2 Handbook for guidelines for correct referencing practice.
Divide your essay into clear sections and use headings and subheading.
Do not write your name or registration number on the pages of your assignment.
You should make sure you keep a copy of your assignment.
Please attach clearly labelled appendices, which should include representative extracts from your corpus and any activities designed for the assignment.
Reference list and appendix do not count towards the word limit. Quotes, tables and anything presented within the text does count towards word limit.

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