What do you understand by the terms ‘value’ and ‘surplus value’?

This essay is four 600 word responses to four questions. The four questions are:


  1. What do you understand by the terms ‘value’ and ‘surplus value’?
  2. Clarke (2003) claims that money is both rational and irrational, while Harvey (2014)

insists money is paradoxical in several respects. Why is money contradictory?

  1. Why does capitalism need the state?
  2. What do you understand by the phrase ‘the over accumulation of capital’?

The course is mainly centred around Marxist political theory. I will be uploading references and readings to my account, anything which will be of aid, as well as a pdf instruction document listing the questions. You may use references (most likely needed for question 2 and the others), I have listed 8 references, however, feel free to use the amount you deem necessary. Please try to aim for the essay to score a mark of around 80 (a first), 70 being the minimum.

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