What does a developing brain need to grow normaly and healthy?

This research proposal must be quantitative, it will be controlled in a lab setting where groups of individuals from late teens and early adulthood individuals (ages 18 to 25) {I had to change the age group due to the control condition where their levels of cortisol are tested (saliva tests) as well as the consumption of several types of caffeinated beverages are administred; to do it with minors would be unethical}; two groups of individuals are going to be tested:

Group 1: High Caffeine Content (400mg daily);

Group 2: Low Caffeine Content (less than 300mg daily);

Known Points: Cortisol Causes stress; Caffeine Increases Cortisol Levels

Issues: In late teenage and early adulthood the brain still developing

Stress levels high at base level

Many drinks today contain high caffeine levels (sodas, energy drinks, coffee drinks)

Possible questions:

Does consumption of high levels of caffeine affect late teens and early adults cortisol (stress) levels?

Hypothesis: Yes

Variables: High Caffeine Consumption individuals; Low Caffeine Consumption individuals;

Measurements: Cortisol Levels (saliva tests)

This question is important because stress is especially damaging at this age. It can trigger all sorst of genetic predispositions for developing mental illnesses.

Found Literature:

Relationship between high consumption of caffeine and cortisol levels causing stress.

Relationship between high levels of cortisol and mental illnesses such as depression, hypertension, hyppocampal atrophy, cognitive impairement etc.

High stress levels being damaging for late adolescence and early adulthood.

What does a developing brain need to grow normaly and healthy?

Acute Threat to the Social Self: Shame, Social Self-esteem, and Cortisol Activity

Overlapping Caffeine Addiction and Self-esteem

Adolescents’ Problems and their Relationship to self-esteem

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