What does the acronym ENSO stand for?

Boulder, Colorado, has been a leader in controlling urban sprawl by limiting new construction and population growth. One consequence has been skyrocketing housing prices.

In your paper, discuss issues related to the impacts of the housing price increase on the availability of housing for poorer people. Be sure to address the following:

Do you think this limit on who can live where, is moral or ethical? With this in mind, also discuss the impacts of urban renewal on the availability of housing and urban sprawl (note that urban renewal is VERY common).

How does this practice of renewal impact the poor? Please feel free to use the internet to search for information regarding urban sprawl and urban renewal.


1 or more pages in length not counting the title header or literature cited
Times New Roman font
10-point font size
Double-spaced lines
Standard style formatting of your choice (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
Include all references used (these can be your text, other books, online sources, etc.)
Word document format: MS Word 2003(.doc), MS Word 2007(.docx) or rich text format (.rtf)
Each paper should be completed and submitted to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox.
Writer for the assignment beloww, all you need to do is answer the following question below in the exact order.

Evaluate the costs and benefits (both economically and socially) of using coal, oil, and natural gas. In your evaluation provide pros and cons for which each energy source.
42. Describe three push and three pull factors that have influenced the demographic shift from rural areas to urban areas.
43. Describe ten things you can do to reduce consumption of water, energy, and or any other resource (1 point for each accurate action).
44. What does the acronym ENSO stand for? Describe the repercussions in weather systems for Australia, Indonesia, North America, and South America from ENSO.

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