What is Machiavelli’s view of religion in The Prince?


They should be at least 1500 words (around 6 pages). Papers are graded on the basis of your comprehension of the texts—that you understand the larger aims of the texts and can talk about their ideas in detail; your argument —that you can clearly, logically, persuasively, and using citations, interpret the texts in your own words; and your original ideas. Topic 1. In On Kingship, Aquinas tries to demonstrate that kingship is preferable to democracy. What is Aquinas’s argument? Do you agree or disagree with him? 【Democracy is rule by the people, and majority is oppressed the rich, so just alike tyrant. Kingship should by lower than Pop, political lower and religious.】 Topic 3. What is Machiavelli’s view of religion in The Prince? Choosing either Farabi or Maimonides, how does it compare to their view of religion? 【Chapter 11: Prince can become prince by virtue of God- the best principality, because the most secure. But is quit weak, because people wouldn’t willingly fight for the God chosen prince. Religious state is military weak Prince who support the freedom of people is strong- to prove republic is stronger Religion should be tool for state, religion should subordinate to political interest, republic religion. Christian teaches subject to tyrant. 】 The material within”【】” are my notes in class that I think related to topic, I would like you to add on in essay in order to relate more with class material. You wrote my last essay on Farabi, and my prof’s suggestion is to use more in-text source, so I would like you to write more relate to the topic and the text itself this time. I will attach the “kingship” and your last paper on Farabi in case you going to do the topic 3 and compare with Farabi. However, for the Prince, prof didn’t give me online version, but you can purchase on Amazon a ebook, I will pay you for that, the edition we are using is “Machiavelli, The Prince (University of Chicago Press)”

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