What is the greatest strength of the organization?

Be sure to address all of the points listed and use the numbering system provided and answer each question. You must carefully proofread your paper as points will be docked for a lack of professionalism (i.e. Professionalism includes but is not limited to to components such as typos, irregular font, grammatical errors, etc.)

Individual Application Paper (Must be 2 pages double-spaced). This paper should address these three questions:

What is one theory or concept based on class readings or class discussions that is exemplified in your organization? Provide specific examples that link theory/concept to your observation/experience. Be sure to address each and every component of a specific theory or concept.

2) What is the greatest strength of the organization? What is the greatest challenge it faces?

3) What have you observed in your organization that is perhaps not immediately relevant to class concepts and yet you feel is interesting or resonates in some way for you?

Here is all the information about my organization and the theories used in class that you must use and apply to my paper:

* My organization that I volunteered for: Westchester Playa Village – WPV

* Website of the organization I volunteered for: http://thewpv.clubexpress.com

* This is what I did in my volunteering (which was 15 total semester hours), which is basically volunteering as a Friendly Visitor

Important info for my paper: I volunteered as a friendly visitor for Mrs. Julia as we talked and watched television together. We watched the Oscars the day it was live on T.V. I also played board games like Rumi as well as Scrabble. I learned many things from Mrs. Julia and gained a lot more experience in terms of helping elderly people (this is what I did in my volunteering job basically helping elderly people, which is specifically Mrs. Julia).
After you have read that part above and get an idea of what I did in my volunteering hours, now here are the examples of theories we discussed in class that you must use for QUESTION 1:
Motivation Chapter

Needs theory (use all of those or some and give examples based on what I did in my volunteering hours as discussed above in important info for my paper

* Existence (Physiological/safety

* Relatedness (Love/Belonging)

* Control (Responsibility/Autonomy

* Esteem needs (Self esteem/opportunity for growth)

* Meaning (Self actualization)

You could also use:

Equity theory


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