Describe the variables used in the research and how they were measured. Describe any psychological assessments that were used.
The variables are psychosis and maltreatment of children. The article is looking at the prevalence of child abuse with parents with psychotic disorder.
• Discuss the types of reliability (test-retest, inter-rater, parallel forms, split-half) and validity (content, construct, criterion) that were reported.
The reliability was measured by test-tetest. “This is a standardized questionnaire that has been
shown to have high test-retest reliability (kappas of .63 for physical abuse and .82 for sexual abuse)” . The CCRT method in the research is also testes for reliability and validity.
• Using your textbook and the information from the quantitative validity article assigned in this unit’s studies, “Experimental Methods in Political Science” (linked in Resources),
• construct an external validity checklist and an internal validity checklist, noting how your selected article did address or could have addressed each issue.
Standardized- The CCRT method is a method that has been a key test in the study of study of child abuse victims.
Randomization- A comparison was made to help set the groups. The group was asked questions that helped decided who would be part of which group.
Pacebo effect- There did not seem to be a placebo affect in the study.
Selection-maturation. The test used a test retest. This is an affective measure to use to measure reliability.
Testing interaction-
• Discuss how the reliability and validity in the research contribute to the scientific merit of the research.
Reliability speaks to the usefulness of the test. IF the test can be show to be used again and again with the dame results suggesting that the test is appropriate for the subject being measured. Validity to the usefulness of the data for what is being measured. Didi the test measure what the researcher hoped it would measure?
Johnson, R. (1997). Examining the validity structure of qualitative research. Education, 118(2), 282.

McDermott, R. (2002). EXPERIMENTAL METHODS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Annual Review Of Political Science, 5(1), 31.

Reiff, M., Castille, D. M., Muenzenmaier, K., & Link, B. (2012). Childhood abuse and the content of adult psychotic symptoms. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, And Policy, 4(4), 356-369. doi:10.1037/a0024203
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Validity is the extent to which a test measures what it was actually meant .

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