What is your assessment of the competitive strength of Walt Disney Company�s different business units?

Please answer Question 1 and question 2 and 3 separately. DO NOT ANSWER as a whole

Question 1–Five years ago when Bobby Bret joined Crystal Productions as a junior accountant, he felt that he was on his way up. He had just graduated with a B+ average from college, where he was well liked by his peers and faculty and had been an officer in several student organizations. Bobby had shown a natural ability to get along with people as well as to get things done. He remembered what Roger Friedman, the controller at Crystal Productions, had told him when he was hired: “I think you will do well here, Bobby. You’ve come highly recommended. You are the kind of guy that can expect to move right on up the ladder.”

Bobby felt that he had done a good job at Crystal Productions and everybody seemed to like him. In addition, his performance appraisals had been excellent. However, after five years he was still a junior accountant. He applied for two senior accountant positions that were open, but they were both filled by people hired from outside the firm. When the accounting supervisor’s job opened two years ago, Bobby did not apply. He was surprised when his new boss turned out to be a hotshot graduate of State University whose only experience was three years with a large accounting firm. Bobby had hoped that Ron Greene, a senior accountant he particularly respected, would get the job.

On the fifth anniversary of his employment at Crystal Productions, Bobby decided it was time to do something. He scheduled an appointment with the controller. At that meeting Bobby explained to Mr. Friedman that he worked hard to received a promotion and shared his frustration about having been in the same job for so long. “Well,” said Mr. Friedman, “you don’t think that you were better qualified than the people that we have hired, do you?” “No,” said Bobby, “but I think I could have handled the senior accountant job. Of course, the people you have hired are doing a great job too.” The controller responded, “We just look at the qualifications of all the applicants for each job, and considering everything, try to make a reasonable decision.”

Include the following questions in your summary along with the summary questions:

A– Do you believe that Bobby has a legitimate complaint? Explain?

B— Explain the impact of a promotion from within policy can have on external recruitment.

Source: Mondy, R. W. (2008). Human Resource Management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Question 2—Textbook figure 7.2 depicts the three basic approaches for competing internationally. The textbook describes these three different approaches along with the accompanying concepts and individualized strategies that typify those approaches (see also Table 7.1). In this forum, you need to locate two scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal sources that investigate any one of these international strategies�either using the same company in both articles, or selecting two different companies, one in each article. However, both articles must be associated with the same approach to competing internationally. Tell why the approach used is the best of the three approaches for the company (or companies) involved in international business. Again, you may either use two articles about the same company, or two different companies�just make sure they fall in the same approach to competing internationally. Remember to use only scholarly articles (minimum two). However, three total scholarly sources are required with your post, so you may utilize your textbook as needed to support your informed assertions. (SUGGESTION: As you read about these three international strategies in the textbook, there is mention of companies that use these strategies. You can save yourself the headache of figuring out a company (or companies) to examine by selecting from companies that are already associated with a given strategy as specified in the text.)

Book info –Thompson, A. A., Peteraf, M. A., Gamble, J. E., & Strickland, A. J. (2015). Crafting and executing Strategy: The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases (20th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Question 3—[In each week�s DQ#2, we will examine a case from our textbook and available resources, and discuss some pertinent questions that will support our skill development in the use of strategic planning instruction from the current week. These DQ#2�s do not require citations and references; they are intended to engage your critical thinking and assess your synthesis of key topics for the week.]

This forum will examine the entertainment giant company Disney. To give you a brief look at the company, see the comments from the Disney CEO on the Christmas 2015 release of the new Star Wars movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJL3wa2Xk7w

Go to our course textbook (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble & Strickland, 2015), Part 2, Case 22, and read the case regarding Disney (C-319 � C-334). From the case, answer the following questions, being as specific as possible:
A— What is Walt Disney Company�s diversification strategy?
B—What is your assessment of the long-term attractiveness of the industries represented in Walt Disney Company�s business portfolio?
C—What is your assessment of the competitive strength of Walt Disney Company�s different business units?
D—. Does Walt Disney�s portfolio exhibit good strategic fit? What value chain match-ups do you see? What opportunities for skills transfer, cost sharing, or brand sharing do you see?
E—-. What actions do you recommend that Walt Disney Company�s management take to improve the company and increase shareholder value? Your recommended actions must be supported with a convincing, analysis-based argument.
Finally, based on your assessment, what can you apply to organizational work in your sector from what you in the Disney case?
[No citations/references required; write in the third person; this forum is designed to contribute to skill development]

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