What is your goal for your target behaviour?

Decide on a behaviour treatment plan/behaviour change procedure. Submit this assignment using the text box in eClass/Moodle. Include your responses to Parts I-III; however, you will not be able to include any figures, graphs, etc. from the previous Parts in the text box.

What specific treatment or behaviour change procedure (e.g., kind of reinforcement, controlling antecedents, etc.) do you plan to apply to your target behaviour? Describe how you will apply it in general to your target behaviour. (3 marks)

Explain why you chose this procedure, and provide support for your decision by providing at least one APA style reference to a primary source (research paper) that supports your choice. It would be ideal to find a published study applying the specific behaviour change procedure you selected to your specific target behaviour, but this may be difficult to find. The next best thing would be to find a published study that has successfully applied the behaviour change procedure that you will be using (e.g., increasing response effort for an undesirable behaviour), to some other target behaviour. (3 marks)

3) What is your goal for your target behaviour? That is, describe what level you would realistically like your behaviour to reach by the end of the treatment phase. (1 mark)

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