What methods will be used to analyze the data

For making the improvements, the researchers can use the qualitative methods also. They can use the research methods, which can provide core knowledge and skills for analyzing and understanding the research on a higher level. The importance of research process and theory must be explained clearly. In the beginning of the research, the agenda of the problem should be stated. The problem should be defined in the way that everyone can understand easily. In the research, the quantitative methods are used, which are powerful tools, but these methods can achieve that power, if there will be social implications. So, the researcher should apply some social theories. By making these improvements, it can produce the exemplary criteria.

To guide the efforts, there are some competencies, which can be drawn. These competencies specify the skills and knowledge, which are needed. These competencies include the specific knowledge of discipline, communication skills, professionalism and responsible conduct research. This research is done on the population of the United States. Some states are taken for the sample or research population. The research was done to answer the question that why there is the variations exist person to person or state to state. These competencies will help to answer this question. Some critical theory methods will be used to improve the efforts of research.

To develop the prospectus or dissertation, academic research skills will be so useful. Academic skills will include the ability to find the information, read and evaluate the given data and primary and secondary sources of information. Furthermore, it includes re-articulating and applying the earlier work by making new research in the previously done researches. The last research discussion has some errors and problems, which are related to the management discipline. These errors and problems can be eliminated by using these competencies and skills. For developing the dissertation, the researcher must use the research design, which includes the capability to propose innovative research. The researcher must evaluate the methods and prepare the proposal defenses. The research must emphasize on the research design skills.

For ensuring the appropriate research design, there may be some information, which should be needed that is given below:

How to analyze the data and information
When and how to collect the data
What information to collect and from whom
What methods will be used to analyze the data
By considering these questions, the researcher can select the research design. They can select the descriptive and experimental approach. The researcher can use the descriptive research design to describe the relationships among the samples. This type of research design has fundamental statistical procedures. Furthermore, the experimental research design is used in, because this research design has the most control. This allows the researchers to observe and explain the differences among various groups of samples. No, there is no question about the discussion rubric.

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