What resources interest you under the “Related Links” feature?

Most counties in California are now fully online and Court information is very assessable. Each county offers different features and resources to access important information and data.

Go to the San Diego Superior Court website. Explore the different resources provided on the Home page.

What are some ways this website, or other like it in California, could benefit you in the business environment?

What resources interest you under the “Related Links” feature?

From the Home page, click on “Access Court Records.” From the “Accessing Court Case Files” page, click on the “View a File in Person” tab. What does it mean to violate Government Code §§ 6200 and 6201? ( § is the symbol for “section.)

Go back to the Home page and click on the “Civil” tab at the top of the page. In the drop-down menu click on “Where to File.” You may remember the subject of venue in our reading. According the Table that comes up, where would you file a Court case if your zip code is 91948? Please give name and address of the related courthouse.

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