What types of tools are available for HR to forecast pricing and the labor market?

For what research purposes do you consider focus group interviewing appropriate? If you have participated in a focus group, share your experience, the outcome of the research?

When are: (1) quantitative and (2) qualitative research approaches most appropriate? Provide practical examples to support your response.

I’m sharing with you a link to MIT’s HR department and a talent inventory tool that they use to assess bench strength.

Please provide your thoughts on the benefits of this tool in your organizations


What types of market analyses must HR professionals explore? How do these analyses support HR’s effort to be strategic partners within their organization?

What types of tools are available for HR to forecast pricing and the labor market? Why is it important to assess these tools?

Besides the Internet, what other tools might you use to conduct exploratory HR research on the market in which your organization operates? Are these valid and reliable tools and would they be used in conjunction with Internet research? Explain why.

Identify two Web-based tools that you might use to conduct a forecast for pricing or the future labor market. How accurate do you think these tools are?

In the ERR, “HR Gets a Dose of Science”, what is the importance to organizations to use workforce optimization tools and software to manage HR processes? How have you observed these tools at work in your organization or one of your choosing?

What advantages can be gained by developing a strategic focus with regards to pay and benefits?

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