There are times when a psychology professional can release information or talk about individual without using names. Explain under what circumstances this could be acceptable. What happens when the information is identified by a person who may be in attendance at a professional Seminar and believes that the case discussed is a person he or she know? What are your thoughts regarding the use of actual cases in a lecture, assignment, or even as a case study to learn about a disorder?
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Typically speaking, if a patient’s identity is protected, their particular case can be used as a case study in research, both in print and oral presentation form. Other times, under acute conditions where there is a serious threat to life, in consultation with other health care professionals, a patient’s case can be discussed without identifying the patient unless truly necessary. That said, for the most part, the former is usually the context within which this occurs.

Specifically, the individual being discussed needs to give informed consent to have their case used as a case study, and be explicitly told that their identity will not be released. The consent form should also ideally detail how their data will be collected and …

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