“Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” by Joyce Carol Oates 

You must actively use (quoting and paraphrasing from) at least 3 library sources (see exception below*), one of which must be a literary interpretation/critical analysis essay (I suggest you start at Literature Resource Center in Foothill’s Databases). The other two could be biographical or historical sources (Library Encyclopedia ok) or they could also be two more literary interpretations. Library sources can come straight from the database, so this does not mean you have to go into the physical library. *If you use one of the assigned sources from our textbook, Intro to Fiction, that can count toward the 3 but then the other two must come from the library. If you use other sources (Lecture, Google Scholar…), these should be additional sources as I want you to gain and demonstrate your experience with our library database as well as continuing to develop your prowess with quoting and paraphrasing from multiple sources. In other words, you can use other sources as well, but 3 must fit the above description, showing your understanding of how to use the library database and cite sources from the databases or print library sources. Objectives: Apply the elements of effective literary interpretation (e.g., a clear thesis, sound organization, and sufficient development) to analyzing your piece of fiction. Integrate literary criticism into your essay to support your interpretation or explain how your view diverges from other critics’ interpretations. Apply various critical reading strategies in developing your analysis of both the essays you use and the fiction you analyze. Use reasoning, awareness of fallacies and analysis of evidence used in the essays to decide whether they are convincing or not. Use research into history and biography to enhance your awareness of the fiction, and/or symbolic analysis, plot analysis, observation of theme, irony, foreshadowing, characterization, etc. to persuade readers that your critique of the fiction is reasonable. Apply the proper MLA format to the entire paper, including the Works Cited.

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