Which interest groups focus on the issue or controversy?

The paper will focus on three key components: First, what is the nature of the issue or controversy? Why is it an issue? Explain both sides of the issue, and why the issue is important to the American governmental process. Secondly, explain who the actors involved are: which government agencies are primarily responsible for policymaking? Which interest groups focus on the issue or controversy? Who else is involved? Remember, you MUST equally present both sides of the argument in a compelling way. Find the BEST arguments both sides have and persuasively present them in the paper. The paper needs to include references – both parenthetical and bibliographical (please use either MLA or Chicago style) and must be delivered in 12pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, double spaced. Please note that a pastime of mine is catching those who choose to plagiarize their paper, and the results of that are generally not pleasant. I do, however, always catch at least one per semester.

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