Which of the following are pre-interview steps?

What should you do if you arrived to interview a witness and they were half asleep, ill, or possibly intoxicated? (Points : 4) go ahead and conduct the interview reschedule the interview make sure to ask complex questions none of the above

Question 2.2. Arriving late to an interview is an acceptable practice for private investigators because they are in charge of the investigation. (Points : 4) True False

Question 3.3. A private investigator should always wear a business suit during an interview. (Points : 4) True False

Question 4.4. Which of the following are pre-interview steps? (Points : 4) reading statements from the witness reviewing reports reviewing photos or other physical evidence all of the above

Question 5.5. If a witness declines to be interviewed, why would you want them to sign a “non-statement?” (Points : 4) to prove to the client that you did contact the witness to use the statement to your advantage when the witness has a change of heart a and b none of the above

Question 6.6. It is a good idea to begin an interview with a request, something like, “Can you tell me about that day?” (Points : 4) True False

Question 7.7. For private investigators, they lose an advantage and/or compromise clients when they allow the witness to write their own statement.(Points : 4) True False

Question 8.8. An agent assignment sheet should include: (Points : 4) the subject’s physical description the subject’s hangouts a and b none of the above

Question 9.9. When following a fast and erratic driver, pull out all the stops to stay in visual contact. (Points : 4) True False

Question 10.10. Examples of insurance fraud cases requiring surveillance are: (Points : 4) fraudulent on-the-job injury claims by police officers traffic collision schemes a and b

Question 11.11. Suspected infidelity is one reason to conduct surveillance assignments. (Points : 4) True False

Question 12.12. Good surveillance cars have: (Points : 4) two-tone painting a metallic finish fancy rims memorable license plates none of the above

Question 13.13. A minivan makes a great surveillance vehicle because: (Points : 4) it has higher visibility than passenger cars it is maneuverable it has room to set up surveillance camera and store personal equipment all of the above

Question 14.14. Covert surveillance is also referred to as “sub rosa” investigation because the investigators work secretly to try and not be detected by the persons they are surveilling. (Points : 4) True False

Question 15.15. Which of the following should be part of your “decorum” during an interview? (Points : 4) use good manners be genuinely interested in what the witness is saying be open, friendly and low key all of the above

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