white privilege and racism.

The required concept map is provided. The essay topic will be about white privilege and racism. Please pretend that you are an Asian student studying abroad. Using the concept map completed in Part A as a guide, write a 2000 word critical reflective essay, applying the Critical Reflection Framework adapted from Walker, Schultz and Sonn (2014): • Define and discuss the subject and its key concepts and then choose one concept to write about. • Reflect on how your own culture as well as your professional culture, influences your understanding of the concept and your perceptions of and interactions with First People. • Analyse the viewpoints, causes, effects, underlying issues and/or assumptions of others and the dominant cultural paradigm relating to the concept. • Discuss what you have learnt from this critical reflective process and how this learning influences your perceptions of, and interactions with, Australia’s First Peoples in the health care setting. • Discuss how your future practice may be transformed as part of this process.

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