Whole Foods Nutrition Program 

For your term presentation, you will be creating a Whole Foods Nutrition Program. Prepare a portfolio arguing for the inclusion of nutritional guidelines that you think would best fit the public as a whole. Make recommendations to meet children’s and adults’ nutritional needs per the dietary guidelines you prepare. State why you include the nutrients you mention. Include nutritional education you feel is important- it can cover topics such as cooking guidelines, food storage, etc. Illustrate the different value of food by comparing what a person receives by eating fast food versus fresh, home-cooked meals. Analyze the level of effectiveness you expect this programs to have on the health of a community as opposed to what is the current standard. At the end of class, you will submit a portfolio with each week’s assignment as part of your Whole Foods Nutrition Program. Your portfolio should contain a table of contents with corresponding page numbers, graphs and charts (as appropriate), and the content of each week within one seamless presentation. Your weekly assignments are meant to support your nutritional program. Use resources available for your research/literary review regarding benefits of nutritional education, economics of nutrition, etc. Doing so will allow you to support your research with facts, statistics, and evidence. Identify at least 10 peer reviewed journals/articles/studies or government websites such as NIH, NCCAM, and WHO that discuss the benefits of whole foods for human health.

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