Why are ethical standards important in research when applied to patient care in a health care setting?


Some of the most significant current information on patient care in nursing comes from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and articles. Within this category of information sources, we can further categorize the studies into qualitative and quantitative sources, each with their own set of methods and standards. Within each of these categories, nurses must be able to differentiate between sources of published data that are used to develop evidenced-based practices (EBP).

Instructions Part 1 For the first part of this assessment, choose a topic, an issue, or a phenomenon that informs nursing practice and that has been researched quantitatively. Select a nursing quantitative research article, published in a peer-reviewed journal within the past five years on your chosen topic, issue, or phenomenon. After selecting the article, complete the following (Note: The main bullet points below correspond to the assessment grading criteria, while the sub-bullets may help guide you to ensure that you are fully addressing the criteria): Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the a quantitative research study. Summarize the quantitative research study. Describe the problem, purpose, and hypothesis of the study. Identify and describe the quantitative study methodology (experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental, descriptive, or clinical trial). Describe the data collection, data analysis, and reporting procedures. Critique the entire study. Analyze the ethical implications of a quantitative research study when applied to the patient care setting. Why are ethical standards important in research when applied to patient care in a health care setting? To what extent do any ethical considerations impact human subjects? Analyze the significance of a research problem in a quantitative research study. How is the research problem significant to nursing practice? How could study of the research problem lead to improvements in health care? Evaluate a quantitative research study as an appropriate source of information for informing patient care decision making. How does the study provide information related to patient care? To what extent is the information in the study valid, reliable, and aligns with best practices?

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