Why did your group select written consent for this treatment?

Your group has been hired by a large private physicians group to develop informed
consent protocols for the following two scenarios; these are new procedures that the
office recently started completing within the office. Previously, the office would refer
these patients and procedures to other physicians.

For the scenario for which the group developed a written consent, a minimum one-page explanation is also required that addresses the items listed below. Some of these items may be found within the informed consent document that is created.
Removal of a mole for cosmetic purposes.

� 1. Why did your group select written consent for this treatment?
� 2. What is the condition that is being treated?
�3. Outline what type of facility employee would review this consent with the patient. When would this conversation occur?
�4. A summary of the treatment.
� 5. How was this diagnosed?
� 6. Make sure to include what you would address with the patient if this was a face-to- face conversation (alternatives to treatment, etc.).
� 7. Side-effects
� 8. Why was this treatment selected out of other options available?
� 9. How is the condition or disease that your treatment corresponds with typically?
Two (2) peer-reviewed sources is needed.
Do not use quoted or copied material
Include citations and references

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