Why gun control is needed in America

 6 sources total, at least 2 primary sources. Short Paper: 900 word minimum, 1400 word maximum. Typed, one-inch margins, 12 point font: times new roman or Arial, double spaced, MLA format Sept 12: Topic submission: On an Index card (3×5) with your name, class ticket number and date at the top. Sept 19: Thesis submission. On an Index card (3×5) with your name, class ticket number, and date at the top, then the topic, then your thesis. Sept 26: Final Thesis Oct 8: Submission of Short Paper to TurnitIn and hard copy to me. Choose topics (see module for ideas): One short opinion paper concerning current issues involving the civil rights and civil liberties of individuals as articulated in the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause of the United States Constitution. Remember these provisions protect you from the government, not each other, not a business. when thinking about your topic and thesis. You will become an expert on your approved topic. You will use at least 6 research sources (at least two primary sources). Never cite to Wikipedia or other encyclopedias. Bolden your primary sources in your works cited page Your report will include the following: An interesting cover page. A strong introduction, which includes a clearly stated opinion based thesis statement. The accurate use of information from primary and secondary sources to develop and support your ideas. Use of a chart or other informative graphic, which is explained and discussed in the body of your paper. Correctly use MLA in-text citations and prepare your works cited page. Demonstrate an understanding of the political process, political concepts, divergent viewpoints on your topic, as well as the relative bias in your sources. A conclusion based upon the facts presented. Correct use of grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

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