Why do so many therapists think eclecticism is important – what are the reasons? Why is this issue important to the field of psychology? Why would someone assume that eclecticism is more effective than staying with one school of therapy, and what could be assumed instead?
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First of all, as you briefly validate why so many therapists think eclecticism is important and list the underlying reasons, I feel like it is effective since I don’t endorse a “one size fits all model;” thus, I love the culmination of this model’s ideas. Furthermore, I advocate the ability to infuse a variety of diverse theories to the field.

Accordingly, I also feel that it is very effective since it tailors strategies to meet each client’s unique needs. Since eclecticism deals with differentiating and individualizing techniques to each client’s needs, I see it as very empowering in general.

Finally, as you explain why someone would assume that …

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